In 2005 Congo Family Restoration was founded by Mr. and Mrs. Azarias Ruberwa in
the capitol city of Kinshasa and is registered as an official U.S. 501(c)3 faith based non-profit.

When C.F.R. was founded, Mr. Ruberwa was the Vice President of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
During his three and a half years of faithfully serving the whole of D.R. Congo, Azarias and his wife Chantal were deeply convicted to do something for the many children left orphaned.

There were and still are many young babies and undernourished pre-school children - who have been abandoned (due to parents death from disease, conflict or complete inability to provide) and left vulnerable and unprotected to horrific abuses on the street.

At such young ages these children have no capacity for self sufficiency.
As such, their ability to survive alone in the desperate squalor of extreme poverty surrounding them is highly unlikely if not impossible.

With their limited personal resources and much prayer, the Ruberwa's stepped out in faith to rescue 50 of the most abused, traumatized and vulnerable orphans from the streets of Kinshasa. They started the modest C.F.R. ministry and outreach with complete trust that God would provide. And He did.

Over the years, a very small number of friends were quietly made aware of the C.F.R. ministry.
Once both the need and the resulting impact on the children to date understood, several have begun to come along side the Ruberwa’s.

The ministry and vision have seen success slowly come and grow as loving care providers on both sides of the ocean availed themselves.

School fees have been miraculously paid - and the most fundamental basics for life in provisions needed (clothes, clean water and food) have also been forthcoming.

From 2005 to present, there have been a handful of high school graduates from the original Kinshasa C.F.R. family.

A few have even been afforded the opportunity to attend University where they are excelling.
It is a wonderful model of “Pay it Forward” that has unfolded without any prompting among the older students. They lovingly caring for and mentor the younger ones.

Additional children have been added to the family as a result of the older one's now stepping out to help and provide.