Building Sustainability

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After almost two years in the making, patiently working, researching, waiting, slowly hand carrying and building inventory, getting over a number of hurdles and now finding the perfect place...Congo Family Restoration is most happy and very thankful to announce the Wedding Dress Rental Business is now open and operational in Kinshasa!!

It is an enormous praise - and no small task. Our founder of C.F.R has spent several months in D.R.C. working through a number of questions and issues that have been faced in getting the shop opened.

Just finding a mannequin for display in the shop for instance - was an enormous and expensive task. However, as you can see in the photo - the shop has TWO! While they are not Congolese - they do the job for now and all are thankful and rejoicing!

After much research and interviews...a good looking shop space was secured in a bustling part of downtown Kinshasa. - the Capital of the D.R.C.

The C.F.R. team on the ground determined it was best to be located in the downtown region so that they would be accessible to all potential clients in the surrounding vicinity.

The best source of clients will be future brides from within the various church denominations. As the word spreads, more and more future brides will discover the brand new, gorgeous designer gowns now available at C.F.R.’s shop for rent.

Up to now, brides have often had to rely on relatives living outside of the Democratic Republic of Congo to ship them a gown...and hope that it fits! Most have come in from Europe - and this "competition" will be one of the larger hurdles C.F.R. needs to get over. Therefore, several meetings have already taken place with local church leaders who are on board and in support of the greater good this new rental concept provides.

There is great enthusiasm over the quality, variety and lower cost of renting a gorgeous gown- rather than having to make the enormous investment of having to buy and ship one. In addition, the impact our gown rental has on caring for and educating the C.F.R. orphans - makes rental even more appealing!

There is another shipment of brand new, gorgeous designer gowns that will soon be ready to go to the D.R.C. As the lovely inventory grows - it is a great prayer that word will continue to spread in Kinshasa - and the demand for these special gowns will be great.

The best news of all…the C.F.R. orphaned children continue to do well. We continue to be deeply grateful to our donors and ministry partners. We are especially thankful for the loving foster families of these children.

C.F.R. cannot do what it does to educate, nurture and find loving Christ centered Foster Families for the children without the ongoing support of our generous donors.

While we hope our wedding dress rental business will add to building the self sufficiency and sustainability of C.F.R. - we have a long ways to go before that can happen. Therefore we thank you for your continued donations and prayerful support.