A quality basic education is something which every child should get regardless of their family background and community to which they belong.

Donations from D.R. Congo Donors are Directed toward Buiding and Maintianing Rural Clinics and Schools.

Caring Donors Support CFR from both sides of the ocean. We want all of our generous donors to know how they are making a difference - and to be an encouragement to one another. Building sustainability is the key! Donations given to C.F.R in The Democratic Republic of Congo have been used to build (or to start to build) rural, rudimentary care medical clinics and schools.


C.F.R. is also dedicated to also providing the most minimal and rudimentary of health care in a hand full of of very small “clinics” that are serving all who are in need. While the three initial “proto-type” facilities have opened in South Kivu region to start - the hoped for vision is to replicate them across the whole of D.R. Congo. Once there is safe, clear access to regions further inland across the vast nation and more partners are established - the vision is to create a sustainable and more adequate system for care.

While it would be difficult to identify these existing facilities as a “clinic” by Western Standards...they do fill a much needed role - as best they can and with only the very most basic of care items and medicines.

Vaccine Shortages, Malaria, Severe Dysentery, HIV/AIDS, Cholera...all ravage the D.R. Congo. Over time - the hope, prayer and long term vision is to see similar medical clinics replicated and then improved upon throughout all of D.R.Congo.

School children


At present there are also 3 rudimentary “schools” in South Kivu Region that C.F.R. is trying to maintain and use as a model for other locations across the D.R. Congo. Again, these schools are an attempt to assist those living in extreme poverty and also the squalor of refugee camps.

There is a great desire among the poorest of the poor across the entire nation to educate themselves and their children. Through access to a good education, skill training and a basic understanding of micro-lending - the process can begin to build self sustainability and hope for the future generations.

As peace, and safety return to the region...it is EDUCATION that is the key to climbing out from underneath extreme poverty. D.R. Congo has vast natural resources and enormous potential in the global arena! However, it is only through the proper education of the next generation that their hunger and hope for peace, prosperity, integrity, empowerment and a future will be realized and come to fruition. EDUCATION creates HOPE!

Gifts From U.S.A. Donors are Directed to the Orphan Care and Education Ministry


The Main objective of Congo Family Restoration is to establish an authentic Congolese family structure and lifestyle for our rescued orphans.

Across the vast nation of D.R.Congo, tens of thousands of families have been separated and destroyed due to conflicts, death and crisis. Several million have died in civil wars and the crisis associated with them since 1998.

While problems in D.R.Congo have come about as a result of brutal Colonial rule that operated from a position of power, greed and fear; that same kind of rule has continued to dominate for most of Congo's history.

With the total lack of infra-structure (less than 600 miles of paved roads exist in the country) and vast natural resources...relentless wars, massive corruption, poor leadership, global greed and pillaging have ruled the day.

All this has left in its wake a multitude of innocent, vulnerable orphaned children. These orphaned children are routinely exposed to unchecked and rampant violence, fatal diseases (including HIV/AIDS from rape), illiteracy, street survival, extreme poverty and total despair.

Specific objectives for Congo Family Restoration:

  • Rescue Vulnerable Children from the Street
  • Work Within the Faith Community to Find Suitable Foster Families for the Orphans
  • Assist with the ongoing physical, moral and spiritual rehabilitation of every child rescued
  • Ensure each rescued child has access to an education


Orphan Care

Since 2005 Congo Family Restoration has rescued 100 orphans. We have 50 children in Kinshasa and 50 children in Goma. While there are many, many more children in need of rescue, this is what we can manage to care for and report on thus far. It is our hope and prayer that we will continue to grow as we demonstrate excellence. As we further develop the trust and loyalty of our generous supporters, more children can be saved from the violent streets.

We have an annual budget of $10,000 for each of our locations (Kinshasa and Goma). On average that is $200 per child annually or a little over $16.00 per month. This sum covers the cost of the child's school uniform, their school fees, clothing, extra food for the family and any urgent medical care (if needed). Because the foster families are also often among the "poorest of the poor" we want to aid, encourage and support their loving kindness - and not burden them with any additional expense for taking in and loving another child. We hope you will prayerfully consider how much a gift to CFR will help in changing the impoverished lives in need.

"Foster Family" The Model of Congo Family Restoration

Growing up in a loving family is of vital importance to a child. That is why we work closely with the local faith community to place our rescued children. The placement of our orphaned children within loving families is of paramount importance.

medium_Africa+2012+1+117.JPGWorking with the local church leaders ensures the families selected have been carefully screened. The sooner children can feel secure, accepted and loved - the sooner they begin to heal physically and spiritually. Once in school we have seen them excel and begin to dream...and to have HOPE for the future! Today's children are the future of D.R. Congo. Congo Family Restoration is doing all it can to rescue and then assist in developing a new generation of educated young leaders who have integrity and vision for their nation.

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