Donations from D.R. Congo Donors are Directed toward Buiding and Maintianing Rural Clinics and Schools.

Caring Donors Support CFR from both sides of the ocean. We want all of our generous donors to know how they are making a difference - and to be an encouragement to one another. Building sustainability is the key! Donations given to C.F.R in The Democratic Republic of Congo have been used to build (or to start to build) rural, rudimentary care medical clinics and schools.


C.F.R. is also dedicated to also providing the most minimal and rudimentary of health care in a hand full of of very small “clinics” that are serving all who are in need. While the three initial “proto-type” facilities have opened in South Kivu region to start - the hoped for vision is to replicate them across the whole of D.R. Congo. Once there is safe, clear access to regions further inland across the vast nation and more partners are established - the vision is to create a sustainable and more adequate system for care.

While it would be difficult to identify these existing facilities as a “clinic” by Western Standards...they do fill a much needed role - as best they can and with only the very most basic of care items and medicines.

Vaccine Shortages, Malaria, Severe Dysentery, HIV/AIDS, Cholera...all ravage the D.R. Congo. Over time - the hope, prayer and long term vision is to see similar medical clinics replicated and then improved upon throughout all of D.R.Congo.

School children


At present there are also 3 rudimentary “schools” in South Kivu Region that C.F.R. is trying to maintain and use as a model for other locations across the D.R. Congo. Again, these schools are an attempt to assist those living in extreme poverty and also the squalor of refugee camps.

There is a great desire among the poorest of the poor across the entire nation to educate themselves and their children. Through access to a good education, skill training and a basic understanding of micro-lending - the process can begin to build self sustainability and hope for the future generations.

As peace, and safety return to the is EDUCATION that is the key to climbing out from underneath extreme poverty. D.R. Congo has vast natural resources and enormous potential in the global arena! However, it is only through the proper education of the next generation that their hunger and hope for peace, prosperity, integrity, empowerment and a future will be realized and come to fruition. EDUCATION creates HOPE!