Born in GOMA: August/ 17/1999
Name of Foster parents: COSTANT BAZIKA and NYOTA Bazika

Eli has no father or mother. His father died after a traffic accident in the Virunga National Park in 2000. This was just one year after Eli was born so he has no recollection of his father.

Around the same time, his mother also died from an unidentified sickness. Bazika has accepted that this sequence of events was simply God’s will. As it turns out, there were some elderly men in his neighborhood who were moved by the spirit of God to collectively take care of Eli and help with his school fees. However, this was only able to last for a brief period.

Soon after, his aunt decided to take him in. S learned of his situation andfelt compelled to help. Unfortunately, she had very little means and could only provide minimal food and shelter. Although her intentions were always in the right place and she loved Eli just as the rest of her kids, it became very problematic for her to send him to school.

As it turns out, Eli’s aunt had recently recommitted her life to Jesus and decided to start going to the neighborhood church again where she became very active. Her prayers were answered shortly after when the pastor announced that Mr. Ruberwa - an attorney and co-founder of Congo Family Restoration, had contacted the church seeking to find families with orphaned children who needed some assistance.

The mere fact that Eli was qualified for the help and would now join the other children at school left his aunt in a state of jubilation! She couldn’t comprehend the enormity of God’s faithfulness. Over the course of the past few years, Eli’s grades continue to improve. More importantly, his aunt has seen his attitude towards life drastically excel!