Foster Parents name: MANGO and ZAINA BYAMUNGU
Date of Birth: 01/11/1997 in GOMA

Florence was born to parents who separated when she was just five years old. She never knew her biological father who she now speculates is deceased after disappearing awhile back.

As the dynamics of their family shifted, her mother began living a very tough and disorganized lifestyle that included going out late at night and leaving Florence home by herself. Finally, her mother chose to move out to the Skatindo military camp with a soldier she had only just met. Florence never saw her again after that - and with good reason - concludes her mom is dead as well.

Ever since then, Florence stated “One of our neighbors took me in but was only able to provide little food and shelter for me. It seemed highly unlikely that I would ever get the chance to go to school. They were more concerned about just giving me the necessities to survive; in return, I would help them with the chores. Not going to school left me in a very distraught state of mind. I envied the other kids who could speak French.”

Luckily for her, she continues, “My guardians did allow me to go to church where I enjoyed singing and had joined the choir. There was a member of the church who offered to start paying for my school but unfortunately, the tuition became too much of a burden for them.“

It was after this period of time that Florence received news from the church.The pastor informed her that she had been selected to be a part of CFR and their initiative to help orphaned children. She was so relieved that she wouldn’t have to worry about not going to school anymore. Florence was so full of joy and announced that this had been the first “good news of her entire life.” She says that she now has hope thanks to CFR and the act of kindness showed by kind Donors who support CFR.