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    All About
    Congo Family Restoration

    This website explains about us
    This info includes, what we do, why?, from where!

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    All About
    Congo Family Restoration

    This website explains about us
    This info includes, what we do, why?, from where!

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    Objectives of Congo Family Restoration

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    To help Families please Donate

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    Helping Families

Congo Family Restoration
We strive to offer a better Life Through Education

Our mission

To demonstrate the great joy found in giving and living out God’s command to care for the widows and orphans in their distress. We strive to adequately and effectively give a voice to those who do not otherwise have one through our prayerful seeking and sharing.

Our Purpose

To offer hope, love and protection to abused, abandoned and orphaned children in the Spirit, Name and teaching of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Through thoughtful nurturing and the guidance, these orphaned children will now be equipped to become the voices for significant, positive and lasting change in the DRC. Throughout their education experience they will be well enabled, challenged and empowered to BE the positive change and peaceful change they want to see in their community, districts and nation.

Our Family Challenges

Attending school is not a priority for most underprivileged children growing up in developing countries.
Many parents cannot afford basic food supplies to feed their families,
therefore children spend their days looking for food on the streets rather than attending school and developing an education.
Many schools are formed in the poor areas to try and get these children into some sort of basic education,
but they receive little help and funding so they struggle to provide the children with food and educational materials.

Our Focus

We believe that every child has the right to the best education that can be provided; that children should be able to look forward to a bright future and feel safe and develop the community they live; and that research can help save and improve change children's lives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help support with school fees for those children under privileged. Our underlying values are ambition, passion and drive.

WHY Donation is needed and how useful it is

This organisation has been much effective to the Congo Family Restoration by helping low poor families to live again.

After almost two years in the making, patiently working, researching, waiting, slowly hand carrying and building inventory, getting over a number of hurdles and now finding the perfect place...Congo Family Restoration is most happy and very thankful to announce the Wedding Dress Rental Business is now open and operational in Kinshasa!!

It is an enormous praise - and no small task. Our founder of C.F.R has spent several months in D.R.C. working through a number of questions and issues that have been faced in getting the shop opened.

Coming late this fall...a new wedding dress rental shop in Kinshasa! All over Africa it is customary for the bride to rent her gown and for the groom to buy his wedding suit. Because the bride only wears her gown once and the groom his suit for many years - it makes good economic sense.
C.F.R. is also dedicated to also providing the most minimal and rudimentary of health care in a hand full of of very small “clinics” that are serving all who are in need. While the three initial “proto-type” facilities have opened in South Kivu region to start - the hoped for vision is to replicate them across the whole of D.R. Congo. Once there is safe, clear access to regions further inland across the vast nation and more partners are established - the vision is to create a sustainable and more adequate system for care.
At present there are also 3 rudimentary “schools” in South Kivu Region that C.F.R. is trying to maintain and use as a model for other locations across the D.R. Congo. Again, these schools are an attempt to assist those living in extreme poverty and also the squalor of refugee camps.


Contact Us

  • 13850 Freedom Center Leesburg,
    VA 20176, Congo Family Restoration
    Phone: (703) 953-8346

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