Foster Parent's Name: MULUME and BERTE MUNYAGA
Date and place of birth: September 27th 1999 in Goma

My father died in 2002 after suffering from many heart problems. He had spent many years in and out of the hospital before dying. I could not comprehend everything that was going on because I was so little at the time and didn’t realize how much my life would be affected by my dad’s death.

My mom is getting very old and is now unable to sufficiently work in order to feed my siblings and I. She’s also currently battling diabetes. Luckily the church has graciously been paying for her medicine and I continue to pray to God for my mom to live long enough until I reach adulthood. This is because I love her and I have yet to find anyone else in the world that loves me as much as she does.

We are only able to survive and go to school because of donations lovingly given from family and friends. Life is very difficult for me and for my Mother. As hard as it may be to understand for many in the world, I can attest to the fact that I have yet to eat three meals in a day for the past 3 years.

While trying his best to live this hard lifestyle, Jean-Claude was very thankful to the Lord one day while receiving good news after choir practice. The choir director gave him a letter to hand to his mom, which carried an invitation from Congo Family Restoration. CFR sought to have Jean-Claude. CFR wanted to help pay for his school fees. “I was brought to tears after hearing this news” he said. He continues on ”To be Honest, I have never heard of CFR NGO or the Ruberwas. But since I was taken by them, my studies have immensely evolved. I infinitely thank God for all the help I’m receiving and hope God continues to bless CFR.”