Name of Foster Parents : MUBIGALO and MAMAN ESPERANCE
DATE of Birth:11/01/2003

The young Kandolo Kabwami is fatherless. His father died of HIV-AIDS, which resulted in the Kabwami family having to deal with a lot of tenuous circumstances. Sadly enough, only a few months after the death of their father, Kandolo’s mother also died of the same disease as her husband. His mother died just when Kandolo had just started first grade. This left the family in great mourning and ultimately led to a high level of poverty.

The news of the death of his parents and especially the cause of death spread quickly throughout the neighborhood as many parents refused to let their children play with Kandolo fearing that others in the community could interpret it in a negative way. Times became very tenuous. His Immediate family who were supposed to protect and feed them eventually deserted him leaving young Kandolo to spending endless nights in the streets. The saddest part about all of this was knowing that these adults made these decisions only because they feared that HIV was contagious and they could get it from him.

Finally, one of his uncles reluctantly agreed to protect the child, despite the allegations concerning his disease being contagious. Although he was able to get Kandolo to sleep in the same room with his other children, provide old hand-me down clothes from his kids and feed him meals, it became evident that his uncle would have a hard time finding a way to send Kandolo to school.

Nonetheless, there’s a verse in the Bible that says that God is the father of orphans. Kandolo referenced this verse when he talked about how he had been in a “state of defeat” up until they told him that CFR had agreed to pay for his studies. “I had never come across more compassionate individuals than when I heard that the people at CFR would pay for my education. The new payment of my studies seemed like it was too good to be true!" Exudes Kandolo. When Mr. Ruberwa came to Goma for a visit, Kandolo was able to express the joy he felt in his heart.

To this day, Kandolo continues to thank God and also to thank CFR and Donors for all they have done for him.