Wedding Dresses for Rent! A New Shop is Soon to Open in Kinshasa - The Proceeds From Rentals Will Help to support Congo Family Restoration


Coming late this fall...a new wedding dress rental shop in Kinshasa! All over Africa it is customary for the bride to rent her gown and for the groom to buy his wedding suit. Because the bride only wears her gown once and the groom his suit for many years - it makes good economic sense.

A special U.S. based partnership has been developed for the receipt of gowns by C.F.R. in Kinshasa. The first shipment of gowns is expected to be delivered in early November. In the meantime, a manager for the shop has been hired and is learning "best practices" for running the business. The next hire will be the tailor. She will need to be skilled and able to do any minor alterations needed for each bride to be.

The shop will be run by and for the ultimate benefit of Congo Family Restoration. The gown rentals will provide much needed additional income to support the ministry. The business and shop will also demonstrate how Congo Family Restoration is truly dedicated to building long term sustainability and leading by example!

So "Watch This Space" for the exciting and beautiful updates on the the shop, weddings and impact!