Whatever it Takes...

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, having access to an education is the only real hope for escaping the path of extreme poverty and despair. Poverty is at an unprecedented level and it prevails in The D.R. Congo.

Therefore, if a child is fortunate enough to be able to GO to school - they will do whatever they can to ensure they are able to STAY in school. It is a huge expense for a family and also very competitive.

It is said, "A picture is worth a thousand words" and this photo is no exception. Here a young student is doing "whatever it takes" to finish her lessons and be well prepared for class the next day. Because electricity is rare and very expensive, this student uses the aid of a single candle (because candles are an expense as well) to light up her studies. Her Mother looks on in support of her efforts and provides the encouragement needed to persevere.